Gas 2

I have read many blogs and traditional web sites that tell the causes of  the rising  gas prices. But the only advice they give for dealing with it are to grin and bear it. Do nothing about the people responsible for the outrageous rise. Speculators, or the politicians who aide and abet them. What gives? Everyone have a wish to go back to the horse and bugy? I hate to break this to you but the good old days were not good.

The price in human suffering was great and could be again. Everyone wants to help victims of this or that. I think the best way to do that is to turn the present crop of politicos out. The best way to help victims all over the world is not to join them.

The so called damage to the environment that would result from drilling our own oil and building new gas refineries is not going to matter if we don’t survive to complain about it.

This would be a short term solution.  In the long run we have to develop alternative forms of energy. And bio this or that is not it. Using our food for fuel? Bad idea.


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